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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sand of time

So as we look at the sand dunes in a Desert change shape and alter the dunes with every altercation in the weather and wind, we see this huge mass of sand change into an awe inspiring creation of nature. When the wind alters slightly there is a small but significant change in the shape of the dunes. When there is a huge sand storm we see significant changes in the desert with dunes literally changing sand moving from one part of the desert to the other. During a storm there are natural casualties from animals to plant life.

But then there is Blissful thunderstorm over the desert and the whole landscape of sand and dust changes. All the footprints and tracks from the past is erased. The sand changes into a most unbelievable landscape of grass and flowers.

So a landscape that is harsh changes into a unbelievable piece of flowery landscape. That now creates this feeling of peace and tranquillity to the people that is surrounded by it. You don't see the past footprints of pain and hardship.

And this is how our life is lived we have the harshness of the desert but then we also have the most amasing feeling of peace and tranquillity. But it is our responsibility to use the blessing around us to find it. These blessings come in various forms but the most important one is the people that surround you. The internal peace and positivity brings out the internal peace in ourselves.

While I have learned that with every storm in my life I go through changes and challenges. These create my own landscape from where I always get thunderstorms to change my life to be peaceful and tranquil. The more my life is changed by wind and storms the more i am getting blessed by those wonderful thunderstorms in the form of people that bring the changes I need in full blossom.

And as it is when nature takes it course we always will be fine. So during my life I have learned that with the hardest storm there will be the most amasing rain and thunderstorm that brings the most amasing peace and tranquillity.

So this is the start of some of my storms of changes and people that made me who I am and we all have similar experiences.

The route to peace and tranquillity.