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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So in general I have been writing about life,  love and peace and my favourite Equilibrium but today it is about me and Treadmill and MS.

So this started on Saturday Evening after a unbelievable birthday bash for a close friend of mine. So the short story is that I was accompanied by a most unbelievable friend that have been with me through the darkest days of my MS journey.

So as the night carried on it started a relapse in my legs,  she was there to make sure that I was never embarrassed by my weakness. When we left she had full faith when I said I was fine in driving the car.  She never made it uncomfortable for me.

It is during times like this that in know I am blessed with my friends that respect me.

I now know that I will be submitted to hospital shortly to assist with this.

Walking on the Treadmill today at gym and focusing on getting one foot in front of the next made me feel alive again.  That the Universe does give us our own Equilibrium we need to just accept it.

Listening to the following it was view that it was fine to accept that we need to move forward with all in our life.

Passenger -  Let her go

With life as a whole from love to pain.