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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Losing Battle

As we all have lived our life's we do have those battles that we continue to struggle with. These battles could be in our personal live, work related, love life and so it does continue.

So for me having the Battle with Multiple Sclerosis has been my biggest losing battle to date, as every day is a blessing but also a challenge. As every day is a blessing and it is great to spend time with friends and family.But then there is the battle that is always with you and the fun part of the battle is that it changes from day to day.

The one day it could by that I am having Optic Neuritis  and my eyes are really painful and there is nothing to do just let it pass by. The next day could be walking down stairs and losing the feeling and balance in my legs. Then it could be a day where you have coffee with a friend and my hands shake so that is can't open the sugar. Then the days where I realise that the feeling in  my hands are getting less and less.

But I have also realised that excepting that this battle is a losing battle and making peace with what will and is happing to me is all part of a bigger plan. Also have knowing that I have no idea what is this bigger plan does bring peace to me.

So I hope that all of us that have Losing Battles can find peace that point of Equilibrium (my favourite word) and really live our life to the full.