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Monday, August 13, 2012

In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye our life chances with the loss of loved ones, with a terminal illness, a moment of anger and so we can continue. With most of these moments we can't change the out come of the event. But what we can do is the is to better utilise the time after the event.

As we are we normally spend the time going through the event over and over and over.....

We spend time thinking what we could have done differently, spending time blaming other people, blaming ourselves. We run all possible situations through our minds and role playing what should have happened. All of these times that we think and rerun the past we lose focus on the now and the future.

We miss out on so much due to our own behaviour and our own choice that we then start that cycle again of running through those blink of an Eye moments.

Then there is that moment, could be anywhere, for me it was a show at the Barnyard when I realised that 15 years had past in a blink of an Eye.

So don't let a Blink of the eye moment ,that we can't control, make you realize the time wasted in a Blink of a Eye.

Enjoy and embrace every moment!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


In times like these when it feels that all is lost, the words of John Lennon and the words of Imagine can bring some food to the soul.

In my view of life (and the song) we are on this earth for only one reason and that is to live in Harmony. We are all equal with the same pain and sorrow. If we can make life easier for the people around us our own little world would be so much easier.

I have again learned from my little Equilibrium Story that in the end all will be in balance.
So a little story about My recent Equilibrium experience.

We have had a Bassett with the name of Fred...  What else do you call a Bassett. Fred was part of our lives for years,  has always been by my side.  He was the one that would climb on my bed when was experiencing my fever from my medication, hy always brought joy to all the people around him. But as our world is, there has to be an exception. As I stay in a small estate I had a neighbour complaining about Fred and his barking. 
As I was in hospital for a week of Solimedrol drips I was not home to look after Fred. Lucky I had a great friend that arranged that Fred went to a little Dogs retreat where he can enjoy and bark and howl as much as he likes.

So in this week I was having a cup of Tea with a new neighbour when the other neighbour arrived and during the tea he told us that his fiance has moved out.  At that moment I was sure that I could hear Fred barking and howling and enjoying the moment. But then looking at the man I realised that he is a broken man and I actually had a moment where I was hoping that he has learned from this experience that we as vessels on this earth are made to except, respect and enjoy the people around us. Not one of us are at a higher level than the person next to us.

Let us all just Imagine for a moment...