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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

World MS Day 2012

Hi There,

Thanks for the opportunity to present this to you; an Awareness of MS (And this is not the Software Story)

I have been Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January, 2009. Since then it has been an interesting and long journey. Currently I have made the decision to get medically boarded.

But this request is not about myself as a person but more about Awareness regarding MS. I have been blogging  just to start creating Awareness of MS and my personal Journey. See attached a link that was relevant to a day in my life at SAP ( ). I was blessed I had the most unbelievable support from number of people within SAP as a whole and I will always be thankful.

But with 30th of May being the World MS day I would like to create more awareness to people as this is one of those illnesses that due to my personal situation needs to be made aware to our communities. With currently no cure for MS we the PWMS (People with MS) life each day with DreaMS that it will happen.

There are some really informative videos on You Tube like the following:

· - The Show Must Go on - Very Informative
· - What is Multiple Sclerosis
· - Music Video by Jordin Sparks
· - Music Video by U2
· – World MS Day website with 1000 plus faces off MS

I am not a medical expert in this regard I would really like to share what is it Like in a day of a MS Patient, as we all experience it differently but most of our symptoms are similar.  I would like to create more awareness regarding MS as always interesting that people need to understand that although we as PWMS really hate the statement that is “But you look so good” yes we look normal and we act normal but ultimately know that we will never have the Life that we have planned.

Thanks for your support

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Bus

Watching an Episode of House on Universal channel, the end said get off the bus as he was in a coma. When asked why he is on this bus the answer was “I feel no pain. I am not miserable, Wilson does not hate me.”

Is this not some times the bus our PWMS (People With MS) want, just to not feel the pain constantly, to actually feel our hands and not have numbness, can walk without thinking where to put your foot next, just to not have people around you hurting because you’re miserable,.... but then somehow there is a reason for us to be like we are. It is also true that there are people that are worse off than us then we realise we must just carry on and make the best of the situation.

So this Bus we are on is sad, as you realise that there are things that you will not experience or not want to experience due to your pain, not being able to do things with the ones you love.... But this Bus makes us see the pain other people experience and wish we could help them. So my best friend flies hours to go see his kids and they almost ignore him. What is worse my Bus or the Bus of my Friend...I do feel that my bus might be better.

So our lives are all a bus trip and we need to enjoy the scenery and the trip as we not sure how the next bus trip might be. I believe our bus trip should always be enjoyable... we are always the driver of this bus trip we need to take it where it must go. The joy, the pain, the lessons is the fuel for the bus. It fills the bus and also changes the direction that it takes.

So let us all enjoy our individual bus trips but most important make it pleasurable for the people that join us on our bus trip.

So life is a Trip.