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Friday, April 26, 2013



Having been blessed to spend time with extended family for the past week it just made me rethink how lucky I am to have such an amasing extended family.

These last few days made me think about the importance of family and extended family.

I have been thinking how the best to break it down so I will try my best:

F - Friends with this as a base to my family I have been blessed to get through the challenges in my live. I can always rely on them to up lift me from the days that all is well and the days spend in hospital.

A - Approval by this it is not to get approval but that the people around me give me approval for what I do with no hidden agendas.

M - Maturity to accept me for what I am and for what I will be going through in the future. Take me for person with MS I am and to not question what I do or say.

I - Individuality of every person that I have met with during this time.  From the Practise Manager that met me at my worst while having Chemotherapy, the Doctor that was bringing us food during my treatment,  the people that send me the Angel of Miracles from Ireland,  the people sharing a Jameson Whiskey on a road trip through Ireland, people running marathons on my behalf, and so I can continue.

L - Love for every single person that have changed and is changing my life on a daily basis. This is my direct family, my kids,  my brother from another mother 27 years down the line, Doc E for 15 years to the new individual people I have got to know the last week.

Y - Y? To all the people around me to help me with the question why? I have made peace with the question on why? But thanks to the family around me I can except the future and live in the moment.

So with this I want to thank my family for trying to make me a better person.