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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bitter Sweet

This last number of weeks have been a major realisation as to what life is like.

I was fortunate enough to have been part of a close friend’s wedding.  The whole story of the wedding and how you got there is not my story. But the short 15 years I was blessed to be part of my friend’s life and journey. I learned so much.  I learned about real pain and rejection from my friend and from my own personal experiences.

The details are not important but it took both of us in a pendulum swing, first left then right.  But it was such an experience to be part of their journey and to realise that this universe does create the moment in time where the pendulum will reach equilibrium again and there is peace for all involved. From the couple that got married, the kids that become part of the new family; The parents the family and the close friends that could experience the point of equilibrium.

For me it has been a time to reflect on the similar process.  As I was on a 4 day of Solimedrol (Cortisone Treatment) I had time to reflect on my on pendulum, and I realised that was closer to my point of equilibrium.  But it was clear that I needed to make the decision to get there. The (lets for now call it)   Universe provides us the opportunities to reach each our own point of equilibrium in our life.

We get emotional, stressed and disappointed by so many things around us that are just there to create confusion regarding our point of equilibrium. Personally I was disappointed with people that are not even friends or family or that contribute to any people I care about that I almost ended in high care due to a blood pressure of 171 / 111, I have no knowledge of medicine but with all the lights flashing and people running in I realised it was not a joke.

But then the lights came on and I realised that I was so blessed that when I was getting all the blessing from phone calls, SMS'E,  BBM,  Visitors at hospital, Facebook and Twitter. I realised I was a proud dad of two great kids, Lizzy and Jean, for taking control of their future in times like this, amazing!

I know that we all have our own Bitter and our own Sweet but with the right attention we can get to the point of Equilibrium like a good bottle of Red Wine.

So please for the better of all let us all focus to reach our point of Equilibrium.

That perfect Bitter Sweet moment in our lives! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Make peace and live in love

As we live our lives we as people have a negative outlook at our lives and what we have. After traveling around South Africa and seeing places and meeting people that I never thought of meeting. You have your hours and days of going back in your past.
Starting the roadtrip at the place that I experienced the most sadness, confused as ever before,  uncertainty and the sense of loss. As we were standing next to the grave and looking at the candle burning in the wind,  the words of Sir Elton John Runs through your head Candle in the wind the version that was played for Princess Diana just few weeks after Gerda.

Thinking about that time I still remember a good friend of Gerda saying that at least they will both be in good company.

As Lizzy and myself continue traveling in our own minds and just absorbing the moments of quietness and the odd sound of a beer being oppened and the sound of the rubber on the road. As I  feel the numbness in my hands I have this realisation. 

The moment of "MAKE PEACE AND LIVE IN LOVE " Is born!

We as people need to make peace. The death Of a loved one, the loss of loved ones, death of a child, and Severe or terminal illness, we need to make peace to really live in love.

People - Starting with me myself and I
Emotions - Aceptance, Regret and forgiveness
Action - Reaching out and embracing
Commitment - people love, and unconditional love
Energy - Positive Energy

It's in times like these that you become quite and humbled with what we have.
As we live our lives we all get challenged with OPPORTUNITIES. We have the choice what to do with this what we want to . So we can hide it,  we can ignore it or we can work with it. But the choice is our own.  I have learned that the universe will always give us chance to make PEACE with these opportunities. It has taken me years to realise that we need to live in love, as the world can only be a better place if we are surrounded by love.

But love can only be there if you are at total PEACE with yourselve and all that is around you,  the people and the individual challenges.

As a South African I have been given opportunities to learn,  but as I look back I realised that I still need to learn from all the new and old opportunities that I am surrounded with.

So I feel now that I am learning about making peace and Living in love, life is just getting better.

We as people can overcome everything if we have peace in our heart and truly live in love.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cross Over (Easter cross over)

So as we cross over to a new year, as we go into one of the most spititual times of the year, we look back at the opportunities we had during the year and we are thankful for a great year.

This year's cross over is surely the most interesting one ever. As the year ended I am thankful for so much. But the most important of the cross over was that I realised that I can only learn from people.  The more time you really spend with people the more I learn about myself.  We need to focus on our internal PEACE with ourselves then we can open up to learn from the people we are surrounded by.

It is amasing to sit next to a unknown person and have him talk about his past pain, and then have him thanking you for being a example for him while I was looking up to him as a example.  And this was clear as we have both made internal peace with who we are and the journey we have taken. We are both saddened by the behaviour of people among us.  The universe was created with good and bad but the bad should not come from us as people, we should only bring out the best in people.  The bad that people bring in our live we need to just cut out.

So have really been blessed by people that makes me grow everyday to try and become a complete person. 
It was a amasing feeling to dance with a friend that months ago we did not expect her to be celebrating the new year with us.  To have the opportunity to dance with her and for both it was a unbeatable feeling to have our bodies move on the beat of the music, although we where both in pain but we worked it and it is special. It is moments like this that no words can explain,  tears in both eyes just excepting the moment.  And also our friends understanding this with no questions and With respect.

So I  really hope that this cross over for all of the people we engage with on a daily basis at work,  in town, in traffic is a process where we will shine out internal PEACE to make all better.
We have the future of our friends,  family, community, continent our world in our control ane we can only do this with internal PEACE and real internal bliss.

So my hope for the 2012 cross over is that we all find our internal PEACE and that we will shine Internal peace to all around used.

My this be the time to find inner peace to us all this is my wish to all my loved ones.