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Sunday, June 3, 2012


After the Week of having the Word MS Day I was so humbled by the events that followed after my attempt to create Awareness for MS.

So I send a mail and put something on my blog to try to do my bit for creating awareness. And then it happened I started getting responses on this. From all over the world from people I know, People close to me, People I have never known, People in the Middle of Africa, and People from Ireland and so I can continue.
With these people sent me mails of blessings and motivation. But then there were those emails that were really personal and opened up my heart. People that where telling me how they appreciated what I was doing but then telling me their deepest and most personal fears. Not to mention names as it is not my place to do but the one mail from an unbelievable Person and Parent regarding her pain as she almost lost her New born daughter due to heart defect. I was Humbled by this as this just made me think about how blessed I am. (Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes and making me feel so blessed)

So thanks for all for your mails, your messages. You will never understand how this helps one get up in the morning to know that there will always be something positive to pull me through the day: a mail, a BBM, an SMS, a Facebook posting or a call.

As I watched the movie last night “The Vow” I also realised the Moments of impact in our life and how it can change our lives as we know it. But I realised that we don’t understand those moments when they happen but as the World we live in there will be the point of Equilibrium that we will look back and understand that those Moments of impact made us better people. Then we can continue our lives by adding value to other people and the loved ones around us.

Thanks to all that made me reach that point of Humbleness.

Let our “Moments of Impact” in our lives create a Positive impact on our selves but most importantly, on those around us.