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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life as a Jail

As we traveled through the Free State, it was clear that we create our own Jail in which we seek Peace. Every experience is "another brick in the wall " (as per Pink Floyd), we build on these walls as it creates peace of mind. So during our life we put these bricks up one by one just like a bricklayer. During this, we are so proud of every brick we have laid that we never stand back to look at what we have created. I realised that these bricks have created a strong jail around me protecting myself and brushing other people away.

So I started a Road Trip down south, not sure what to expect, but I knew I had to go.

After leaving Gauteng with iets hustle and bustle and you start seeing the open landscape I realised that I needed to open up my personal landscape of life. Spending time with my daughter and the road I started opening.

I could see in every little town we entered how I needed to do this, it is all part of closing down the past with no shackles or with any regret. I learned from my daughter that new beginnings or experiences is not wrong and don't always have to be questioned.

Then we reached Philippolis, what can I say? So our accommodation for the evening is a jail cell. Small room built with solid walls and the cells go int ao courtyard that is surrounded by very high walls.These walls exclude us from the outside, we did not get to see or chat with the local people. We are also excluded from a amasing moon for most of the night. So this was the final realisation about how I have created this jail of my life, brick by brick. I also realised that this jail was built by none other than myself. It was clear to me how I was excluding people and experiences from my life because I created a false sense of security. I created my own jail from which only I need to open the door.

So I will start opening doors and taking down walls brick by brick.

All part of the journey!

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