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Thursday, September 20, 2012

This one goes out to.... all the other PwMS..

As I sit after a day of almost just relaxing and focusing on all the great stuff around you all the friends and family, it slowly does sinks in. First you just don’t want to accept it but then you realise that it is the case.

I have been hiding it from myself for months that it cannot be happening to me. I am above this and I will overcome all. As I am really excited about getting my legs sorted I am also nervous as what this really does mean.

I have had my legs tested and there is a rapid loss of the control in my legs, so I have started the process to get external limb support made for my legs. The question is will it help, will it change anything? There is no straight answer but we will try.

It is then that that moment you realise that you in a really dark space in your life, Honestly it has been the first time since I have been diagnosed with MS that I am feeling this way.  It does make me think of that black hole syndrome that you need to fight it as once you on the other side it is a whole new Universe.

I just want to state that these days are special days to us PwMS as it is these days that we fight to get through as we do believe that all these battles we are having will only help the people that come after us.

As music is a very important part of my life the following song “Coolio- Gangster's Paradise
has been playing in my head. This is only as some of the struggle we have relates to this song, we would like to get out of this struggle with MS but we can’t and we have to be at peace with it.

We need to get our own point of EQUILIBRIUM.

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