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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How do we recognise our blessings, or don't we!

As we take a trip down our own lives, our own little trip down memory lane,  what are our views?

As we are running on our own Hamster Wheel and we need to stay focused on getting one foot in front on the next.  And we just need to ensure that we stand on the correct and next step of the wheel. As the wheel starts turning faster we run faster and we focus more and more on our own wheel and our own worries about what is the next step that all that happens around us is but a haze, a cloud of mist.

The sad thing is that some of our most important blessing are within the cloud of mist that is just an arm length away from our hamster wheel. 

In this mist we have our friends, family, loved ones and so much more that we are letting fade away as time goes by.  When the mist has been blown away or cleared by the sun it is gone you might never catch up with the mist again.

But the funny thing is,  if we get off the wheel for some time to enjoy the mist the wheel will still continue rolling along as nature Intended it to.

So it's become clear that it is fine for us to actually enjoy the "MIST" around us that will make us better and healthier as human beings.

So I am sure that if we all start focusing on our surroundings on the "MIST" around us The wheels will still continue Turning,  but that our individual lives and the lives of the people around us will only improve.

That will give us also the focus and energy when we get back on the wheel to make it run even better and faster.  So it is clear that we as people need to agree that the balance of our life is very critical and that we have that decision in our hands.

Embrace the Mist...

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