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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Words While Spending Days in Hospital

So while spending Time in Hospital having drugs pumped through you body we have time to think and attempt putting some words down. If have just called it Words 1 to 5 as the the phases in my life. (my kids, my Death of Wife, a separation and the Multiple Sclerosis)

Words 1

So we live

So we learn

So we give

Then we earn

This is our life

We need to accept

With no regret

We should live to Laugh

We need to Laugh with tears

We need to forget our Fears

Live to love

Accept that we must Forgive

Knowing we do not forget

Our life is a Blessing

So we live Life

Words 2

So life starts

With eyes of stars

From Parents and God Parents

From the baby in a loving mothers arms

And a dad with dreams and fears

So a life is given to a new and uncertain Family

Not having any idea of any changes that will happen to the family

Some really great experiences

That brought tears of joy as we lived these experiences

And we as a family of four we lived in a house

No not a house but a home

A really loving home with real experiences

Not that the home did not have its crosses

But we carried each our own cross

And made it work by joining our crosses.

But then came the day of divine intervention

The day of the biggest separation

One has ever planned for.

On a lovely August after noon she was taken from us

Ripped out of the heart of many of us

From Kids, Father, Step Mom, Parents in Law and husband

And so many loved ones friends, Teachers from the community, friends and Children

So this was life changing

But as we think this is the worst no this was the start of the new life.

Words 3

The new life starts

A great life with love certainly

With uncertainly of love

With support for all

With helping to kill the pain

But also just covering the Pain

With the illusion of wealth

With the illusion of health

But like all pain it has to get out and it did

Ended after 7 years of covering up

And ended in a quick separation

And this was an interesting separation

But as agreed long over due

The separation meant the lost of a mother to 2 children

The lost of another set of god parents to 2 children

And the lost of friendships

But after 7 years this is now fine

Words 4

Then the new found Single life

The life with so many M’s

A life with Twins

A life with lot of friends for what reason

But after time they came clear the reason

For each and every one

We made friends

We lost friends

We hurt people

We got hurt by people

We made real life friends

We still walk the road with some of them

We cry with them

We love with them

And you really love them

They are the ones that just uplift us

They the ones that carry us

You meet people from 20 years ago

You met people from 14 years ago

Then there are those that you would see over a conference table

And those you could meet over a conference table

Those that you meet by eye contact

Those you will meet during “Purple Rain” (by Prince formally known as Prince)

Those you will touch during “Belong to you” (by Anastasia)

People you will meet at a wedding

People that you would great at a wedding

People that you meet at Greek Easy

And then become soul mates for life

Then you lose people because of Stuff

You accept that it was just stuff

This was the most interesting, fun and painful time of one’s life

But that also makes our Life.

Words 5

This is currently my personal life

This is my life

We all get challenges in life

But there is always the one that is really from left side

So 26 months ago I was diagnosed with MS

What the hell is MS when will it end this MS

But as time goes you realise it is like people in your life

There are those symptoms that are friends that stick around

Then those Symptoms that will just be there for some time

Then those that have been there for Years

and will be there for years

Then one day you realise that this is the end of the road

There is a T junction in the Road

You have to make a decision on this road

Still be the brave and strong one

Or make the correct decision on this one

There will be no turning back

As you wake up each day and realising that the pass is the pass

Every day you are weaker

Your legs are weaker

Your arms are weaker

Your sight is weaker

Your life is weaker

You thank your friends

You thank your Family

You Thank the ones u Love

You regret the ones you lost

This is a personal journey

This is the Gerrie Journey

And realise that your personal strength can only take so much

And a change is not submission

It is for the better to the people around you

You’re Kids, Family, Friends and Loved ones

Every day is a challenge

You not sure what to expect

But there are still so much to be positive about

And that is what makes us, create it

Thanks to all for the support all small SMS’s , email, a coffee,

Chocolate at hospital, just saying hi.

We have so much to be great full about

Just find it and live it

And those BlackBerry chats from Cape Town and Philadelphia


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